Bradley Walden

Current: Final year at the International School Basel, and I will be graduating in June/July 2020.
I will graduate with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. The IB Diploma Programme is an internationally accepted qualification, and is widely accepted for entrance to higher education.  
The IB Diploma consists of 6 subjects (3 at "Higher Level" & 3 at "Standard Level"), as well as the Extended Essay ( a 4000-word piece of academic research in one of the student’s Higher Level subjects) and Theory Of Knowledge (a course where students study the "nature of knowledge, and on how we know what we claim to know").
My Higher Level Subjects
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
My Standard Level Subjects
  • English Literature
  • History
  • German (Acquisition)
My Extended Essay was in Mathematics, focussing on Number Theory and Coprimality. This work can be found here.


Future Plans

I will be taking a gap year, until September 2021 when I plan to go to university in the UK. I am looking to study Engineering, Data Science or something in that realm. Currently I have not decided what exactly I wish to study and my hope is that I can gain insight into these industries through work experience during my gap year.

Roche Summer Internship Work Experience

July 2017

  • Manager: Carlos Oliveros (Integrated Insights Lead - MabThera heme)
  • Automation of MabThera and GAZYVA sales data source integration
  • Slide design

July 2018

  • Manager: Carlos Oliveros (Integrate Insights Lead - CEA-TCB)
  • Creation of an Excel based tool to forecast sales of a pipeline drug (CEA-TCB)

July 2019

  • Manager: Wes Heeter (Integrated Insights Lead - Hematology Franchise)
  • Automation of data source integration, into a slide deck, using the Google Sheets API
  • Evaluation of the GPS MBA Intern program run within Genentech

Programming Experience

My experience in programming goes back many years, when I first started programming with an Arduino microcontroller (a language based on C/C++) around the age of 12. To this day, the Arduino platform remains one of my most used programming languages. Since then, I have continued to advance my programming and technical knowledge and skills.


I am currently taking the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate online. This course is intended to be an introduction into data science, and includes skills such as SQL & Python, data collection, preparation, modelling & evaluation, machine learning, data visualisation and many more.

ClassTab Chrome Extension

I recently created a Google Chrome Extension for Google Classroom. During the Covid-19 Lockdown, many schools use Google Classroom to provide work to students. This Chrome Extension collates all a students notifications and assignments, and displays them on a helpful dashboard when they open a new tab. As yet, ClassTab has over 100 installs, less than a month after release.

My skills:

  • Visual Basic (Excel Macros etc.)
  • C/C++ (Arduino)
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Processing (a Java based programming environment)
  • API Usage (including the Google Docs API)
  • CAD & 3D Modelling
  • Audio & Video Editing & Production (see Tech Crew section below)

I also have some experience with:

  • PHP
  • R
  • Matlab
  • SQL

Tech Crew Experience

For over 6 years, I have been ivolved in my schools' AV/Theatre Tech Crew. Through this I have learned many skills, such as lighting, sound, video production and much more. Recently, I was awarded the "Media Tech Award" at my school, for exceptional contributions to the AV/Tech Crew, throughout my time at ISB.

Lighting Experience

My first tech crew experience was with lighting. I have gained significant experience in all aspects of theatrical and event lighting, including plays, musicals, concerts, discos and more.

  • Lighting Plot Design
  • Rigging
  • Patching
  • Lighting Desing
  • Lighting Programming

In 2016, I was hired as the lighting designer, programmer and operator for a school musical production. During that work, I learned a lot about programming a lighting show under strict time constraints, as well as working independently.

Although Lighting was my first skill in AV/Tech Crew, I have gone on to specialise in many other areas of Tech Crew.

Architechtural lighting I desgined for an event
Disco Lighting I designed and operated for my school Prom
Me operating the lighting board
Disco Lighting I designed for a school disco
The lighting board during a show
Disco Lighting I designed for a parents' disco
Lighting I designed for a poetry event

Me operating the sound board during a concert
A 28-piece orchestra I mic'ed during a musical
The sound board during a show
A 28-piece orchestra I mic'ed during a musical

Sound Experience

As a musician, it was natural for me to be interested in sound. I have worked on sound in many events, in many capacities.
My skills include:

  • Sound Design
  • Live Audio Mixing
  • Sound Editing
  • Music Production

I have operated the sound board for numerous live events, including concerts and plays, with up to 64 audio channels being used, including individually mic’ing a 28 piece orchestra. I also play many instruments and have a very good knowledge of physics. My unique position, as a musician, physics student and sound engineer, allows me to combine my knowledge of music and music theory, with my knowledge of sound/acoustics and electronics, to very easily plan, setup and mix sound systems.

Video Production Experience

Over the last 3 years, I have worked a lot in video production in Tech Crew. This includes directing and coordinating live video broadcasts, with up to 7 cameras.
My skills include:

  • Live Video Directing
  • Live Broadcast Mixing
  • Live Broadcast Planning/Pre-production
  • Live Broadcast Presenting/Interviewing
  • Bringing my school Tech Crew Video Department from essentially zero, to successfully running 7 camera, HD, live broadcasts regularly
  • Broadcasting events such as music concerts, basketball/volleyball tournaments, ceremonies, robotics competition and more
  • I also have experience in film making, having co-directed, co-written and co-produced a short film. This film was ranked in the "Top 15 Best Student Films" & "Top 15 Best Stories" in the international "15 Second Horror Film" competition it was entered into. This can be found here
The poster for the 15 Second Horror Film I co-wrote, directed & produced
Me conducting an interview on a live broadcast
The video mixing setup from a school event, in the Basel Musical Theater, that I directed
The video mixing setup from a sports event, for which I directed the broadcast
The camera setup of a sports event, for which I directed the broadcast
The video mixing setup from a sports event, for which I directed the broadcast
The camera and sound board setup of a sports event, for which I directed the broadcast

Me operating the lighting board for a school event
The lighting and sound board from a school event, at the Basel Musical Theater
The Tech Crew from a school event
The lighting board during a show
Behind the scenes at a livestreaming event at the Basel Musical Theater
The camera and sound board setup of a sports event, for which I directed the broadcast

General Tech Crew Experience

Tech Crew has been a crucial part of my life, over the last 6 years. It has taught me many skills, both technical and personal.
Here are just a few of the skills tech crew has taught me

  • General event planning, organizing & logistics
  • Collaboration. One of the most influential skills Tech Crew has taught me is working with a wide variety of people, effectively and efficiently
  • Leadership. I have often been in charge of Tech Crew for many events, and I have learned how to lead the team to accomplish the goal
  • Problem Solving/Thinking on my Feet
  • In 2018, I won the Theatre Tech Award at my school